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Efective Guinea Pig training

Everyone knows that you can train a dog or a cat. Are you aware of the fact that you can train a guinea pig as well? Well it’s true and it is not really all that difficult! You will just have to commit to your training and always keep in mind the goal set in place.
Guinea pigs are very cute and cuddly; it is hard to imagine that an animal so adorable can destroy your house. Well you better start to believe it because these adorable little creatures tend to have some very destructive habits. One of these bad habits can be the guinea pig chewing on everything in sight that it can reach inside of your home. It can be quite embarrassing when company comes over for dinner and you are spending the entire evening trying to hide chew marks on all of your furniture. Do not worry, there are certain measures you can take that will train your guinea pig to stop destroying your things. Keep in mind, the guinea pig is not chewing on things to intentionally ruin them. The animal is trying to fulfill a natural desire that comes from its instincts. Do not think that your pet has a personal vendetta for you because that is not the case. You need to find the underlying source of the behavior and find a way to break the habit.

Break the Bad Habits

Guinea pigs are highly intelligent mammals and it is sometimes fun to be able to teach the pet guinea pig some tricks and responsive reactions when called upon. This can all be achieved if the owner is very patient and calm when going about the training session and ensuring their tone of voice used is controlled and soothing. Incorporating a lot of praise when the desired outcome is reached would help the guinea pig feel good.
A guinea pig can be trained to follow simple commands mainly by using food and other treats as an incentive. By slowly recognizing its name when it is called, the guinea pig will initially associate this with getting rewarded with treats. Eventually, the guinea pig will be able to recognize the owner’s voice enough to display some level of excitement and respond accordingly.
Guinea pigs can also be taught to sit up and beg. Although this may seem cruel initially, it will eventually be viewed as quite entertaining. The sitting up position is one that is natural for guinea pigs thus getting them to do this for a treat would not be stressful for them and it would not be damaging to any of their tiny muscles.
Litter box training is also something that can be taught to a guinea pig quite easily as they are highly intelligent creatures, however they do not always resort to using the litter box and sometimes there are “accidents” outside. By placing the litter in the general area where the pet goes for its toilet routines, the guinea pig will eventually use the facility for this purpose.
The owner should always remember to ensure the training sessions are calm and friendly in nature so that the pet is not in distress in anyway.
Giving it a treat when the desired results are shown and ignoring it when the desired results are not forth coming is definitely better than punishing it.
Training a guinea pig will require time ever day. You should devote at least thirty minutes a few times a day to training your guinea pig. With enough time and commitment you will surely begin to see results with the behaviors of your guinea pig in no time at all.
It is also a good idea to introduce a routine into your guinea pigs life. This will help the guinea pig feel calm and secure. If you want to make any progress with the training of your guinea pig it is important that they feel content in their surroundings. One of the best ways to accomplish this is doing the same things at the same time every day. Begin feeding the guinea pig at the same time every day and clean their cage the same day of every week. These small creatures feel like they are in a world of danger at all times due to their small size. A routine will help them realize that there is no danger or threat of being harmed and they will be more open to training.
Always remember to keep a soothing tone, no matter how frustrated you may become with the process of training your guinea pig. Trust me; if you try hard enough you will have the best behaved guinea pig around and you will be much less stressed as things around your house will no longer be getting destroyed.
It is not the animal’s fault that it has these habits. You have to remember that it is just a guinea pig and that it is your responsibility as the owner to curve these habits. Another thing you may want to consider is getting the guinea pig chewing blocks. This will help a great deal with their chewing.

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