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Basic equipments for training small pets

Depending on the type of training to be embarked upon, the equipment needed will usually be quite aligned with the specific needs required. This equipment can usually be sourced from pet shops and other stores that might cater to the needs of pets. You can also find this equipment through other small mammal owners that no longer need their equipment. This may actually be the preferred method because you will likely spend much less money on the equipment is you buy it used rather than new.

As stated before, there are different types of training equipment designed for training animals for different things. There is equipment for training your animal to be more agile while there is equipment for training your small mammal not to nibble on the cage. There is equipment for training rabbits to use littler boxes while there is equipment to help train mice’s decision making skills.
One of the cool things about small mammals is the fact that some of them can be highly intelligent and you can train them to do many awesome things. You need to decide what you are going to be training your small mammal to do and then you will know what type of equipment you need.
As the health and wellbeing of most pet animals are now becoming a priority for the pet owners, there is an increased number on sales on equipment that is designed for the very purpose of encouraging the mammal to be fit and healthy. These may include a whole range of equipment such as lumber jack new trainer mazes, lumber jack workout play sets, lumber jack lodges and many other items that would ideally cater to keeping the pet fit.
There are also several different options for training hamsters and gerbils to stay fit and these could include the more conventional methods of running on different types of circular mills or the newer attractions like running around inside a ball. All these prove to be pieces of excellent physical training equipment which will help to keep the small mammals fit and healthy. Exercise wheels are also a very popular choice and it seems very effective and certainly keeps the pet occupied and keeps them from being bored, especially since some breeds thrive better solo and with the least amount of actual physical human contact possible.
Other training equipment would be related to other areas of the pet life such as their toilet training regimen. This is a little harder to achieve in most cases but with some patience and perseverance, any mammal can be taught to use the appropriate equipment provided for the toilet facilities, thus minimizing the need to be weary of “accidents” around the house.
Mice are extremely intelligent and can be trained with many items you can find just laying around your house. For example, you can take some books from your bookshelf and arrange a small obstacle course that consists on small stacks of books that are at different heights. It is important that you supervise your mouse as it does this obstacle course and make sure that it is safe at all times. You need to make sure that the stack of books is sturdy and that there is no chance of the books toppling down onto the mouse. You also do not want to make the stack of books to high. You need to remember the scale of the animal to the size of the book. Stacks of one or two will do just fine.

Hamsters are also very intelligent mammals. You can train the agility and problem solving skills of a hamster by using certain types of training. This equipment usually consists of exercise wheels. There are also sets of planks and other objects like ladders, teeter totters. All of these pieces of training equipment will train the hamster to focus its balance and agility. Just as with a mouse you may want to set up an obstacle course for your hamster. Like always with other animals, you need to make sure that all of your training equipment is secure and stable to ensure that the hamster will not get hurt. The last thing you want to do is injure your pet.
If you have a rabbit that has a chewing problem there is also training equipment that you can get for that. There is a spray that is made that you can get from your local pet shop or from an online market that deters animals from chewing. Rabbits tend to have a problem chewing on things around the house such as cords on the floor. This can be very dangerous for the rabbit as well as the entire household. If the rabbit chews all the way through the wire it will surely be injured and if the wire sparks it may start a fire. That is the last thing you want! This deterrent spray can be very helpful with this problem. It leaves a bitter taste in the animal’s mouth when it chews on things that have been sprayed by it. The best part is it that it is quick drying and odorless.
Most of the training equipment you will find for smaller mammals is pretty basic. Aside from the mazes and other types of intricate training devices most of the training equipment for smaller mammals can be found around your house. It is not like dog training equipment where there are harnesses and other types of mechanical training devices. Although a mouse would look cute on a leash!
Just search around online and in your local pet shops. There are always new pieces of training equipment for all types of animals of being created. Just give them a try a find something that works for what you are trying to accomplish.

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